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We have this cool TV show in NZ called The Food Truck where the chef tries to get people to buy his healthy alternative to fast food.  I got to try his yummy crepes when he came to my city.  What was even more awesome was I discovered I made it into 3 shots!!  Plus I had a line!  I just had to share my amazing face with you!! Clearly I’m just made for TV, especially in that last shot! ;) Oh and I left in the times so you know just where to look for me

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Bananas in Pyjamas Gone!!

So I was reading this article feeling so upset that this great show from my childhood is gone -http://www.stuff.co.nz/entertainment/tv/8764481/Bananas-in-Pyjamas-dumped

And then I realised, it’ll be okay, because I still have this fork-

I’m honestly not kidding when I say I am 21 and have been taking this fork to work to eat my lunch for the past couple of years at least!  It’s just so portable!  So I still get to hang with some of my childhood chums on a daily basis… :) we share lunch together

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